Forest Floor/Skogsbotten (2022) is a photographic project that examines landscapes and elements in nature through cameraless photography. The work was created during a residency at Rud AIR in Dalsland and is 4 series of film negatives that have been in direct contact with the landscape and buried in forest and lake areas for 7 days.

Colors from the environments have been transferred to 35mm photographic film before burial. Time in the landscape causes the emulsion of the negative to react and captures traces of soil or water and creates its own representation of the places. An abstract landscape image takes place in the collaboration between the place and ourselves. Each series is linked to weather conditions, flora and fauna that can affect the material in different ways and therefore cannot return the same result again.

During the work on these series, the interest in the contrasts between dead and living trees has been present in the process, and how the material has captured these contrasts.

In collaboration with Ylva Bengtsson

With thanks to

Wilhelm & Martina Lundgrens Understödsfond 

And Rud Air Artist Residency

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